What’s Next for Live Nation Amid Federal Probes and Bad Blood From Taylor Swift Ticketmaster Fiasco

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The U.S. government may be signaling that it’s clamping down on monopolies and more broadly defining and enforcing antitrust law, experts say

Live Nation Ticketmaster
Getty Images, Chris Smith/TheWrap

The fiasco surrounding pre-ticket sales for Taylor Swift “The Eras Tour” last month — along with another snafu over tickets for Bad Bunny concerts in Mexico City earlier this month — have led to a major legal threat to the live-concert giant Live Nation Entertainment.

Live Nation, which has long been side-eyed since its 2010 merger with ticketing monolith Ticketmaster, now faces calls for congressional investigations by Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minnesota) as well as an ongoing inquiry by the Department of Justice into possible violations of antitrust laws (the criminal investigation in fact predates the TSwift mess).

Under the Biden administration, federal authorities have taken a more aggressive stance on antitrust matters — including the FTC’s lawsuit