‘Live PD’ Host Dan Abrams Sets New Court Show ‘Court Cam’ at A&E – Watch Its Wild Teaser (Video)

Eight-episode series will showcase “wild, unruly and outrageous courtroom moments”

A&E has picked up a new series from “Live PD” host Dan Abrams, this time focusing on court room antics.

“Court Cam,” an eight-episode series set to premiere in December, will give viewers “a front row seat to some of the most wild, unruly and outrageous courtroom moments recently caught on tape,” the network said.

Each episode will see Abrams interview judges, witnesses, and victims to obtain a first-hand account of what really went down during these intense courtroom moments, “from frightening outbursts to furious judges.”

Watch a teaser via the video above. It’s basically 42-seconds full of courtroom fighting.

“I have covered trials for my entire career, and even I was stunned by many of these remarkable courtroom moments… then getting to talk to the people involved from heroes to victims was as enlightening as it was humbling,” Abrams said in a statement.

“Court Cam” is set to debut on A&E on Thursday, Dec. 5. It is produced by Law&Crime Productions with Dan Abrams, Rachel Stockman and Paul Kaup serving as executive producers. Shelly Tatro and Sean Gottlieb serve as executive producers for A&E Network.

“‘Court Cam’ furthers our exploration of all facets of the criminal justice system with Dan Abrams,” said A&E programming boss Elaine Frontain Bryant. “Not only is he a trusted voice to our audience and all ‘Live PD’ viewers, but his legal expertise makes him the perfect host to provide viewers with an all access look into unbelievable moments in America’s courtrooms.”