‘Living Single’ Star Erika Alexander Calls Out David Schwimmer for ‘All-Black’ ‘Friends’ Reboot Suggestion

“We invented the template!”

Erika Alexander

“Living Single” star Erika Alexander has joined the chorus of people calling out “Friends” star David Schwimmer for his suggestion that a “Friends” reboot should feature an “all-black” or “all-Asian” cast.

“r u seriously telling me you’ve never heard of #LivingSingle? We invented the template! Yr welcome bro,” Alexander wrote in a tweet on Wednesday.

Her comments came after Schwimmer acknowledged in an interview with The Guardian that “Friends” wasn’t the most progressive show on race when it aired on NBC nearly three decades ago, and that its all-white cast looks even starker in a modern-day context. The actor suggested in the interview that a potential reboot of the show center on a non-white cast.

The problem, as Alexander and many others have pointed out, is that “Living Single” premiered a year before “Friends” and featured an all-black cast. The comedy, which ran from 1993 to 1998 on Fox, starred Queen Latifah, Kim Coles, Erika Alexander, T.C. Carson, John Henton and Kim Fields and was one of the network’s most popular comedies.

Notably, the series premiered a year before “Friends” did and was produced by the same studio, Warner Bros. Television. In a 2018 interview, Alexander said “Friends” was actually one of the working titles for “Living Single.”

“Obviously, they chose one and the other went to another show,” she said.