Lohan’s Sentence Is Surprisingly Long, but Well Deserved

I was a little surprised the “Mean Girls” star got the amount of jail time she did, rather than the usual celebrity special treatment

A sniveling Lindsay Lohan has top billing again after judge Marsha Revel saw right through her veil of tears and sentenced her to spend some time in a corrections facility.

To be honest, I was a little surprised the "Mean Girls" star got the amount of jail time she did. I was confident she would be receiving special treatment similar to other law breakers in Hollywood in recent months.

Lately, misbehaving Hollywood celebrities have been getting off easily with minimum sentences handed down. Paris Hilton served four full days of the 23 days she was supposed to serve out of a 45-day sentence, and Nicole Richie was there for only 82 minutes out of a four-day sentence for a DUI.

Ninety days in the slammer is no party for Lilo.

Whether Lohan will have to remain behind bars for the entire three months is anyone's guess.

The 24-year-old has certainly had plenty of brushes with the law, which should have given her a chance to display better civic behavior. But to most of us it seems she did quite the opposite, brazenly walking in and out of rehab, missing parole-fulfilling classes and partying and drinking while wearing an alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet. Her behavior appeared to be an outright mocking of the justice system.

Furthermore, did Lohan's insolent message painted on her middle fingernail perhaps bolster judge Revel's rationale for the apparent harsh sentence? The flagrant "F**ck U" caught in press shots is very clear and further supports opinions of Lilo's roguish approach to her legal predicament.

There doesn't appear to be a balance in this young starlet's life. Her education now hangs on the scales of the justice system, which some think is the wrong way to direct an apparently substance-addicted person who rather than correctional isolation needs medical rehabilitation. (Not sure I agree with that diagnosis.)

California defense attorney Mark Geragos appeared on "Good Morning America" and said he thinks Lohan got an unusually harsh sentence for a parole violation — a relatively minor offense according to him.

"I just think this sentence is utterly ridiculous. The fact remains that if she was anybody else, Lindsay Smith, that she wouldn't be treated this way. … This is a completely outrageous sentence in terms of her violation."

The legal leniency toward celebs might be over, and possibly Lohan is the example others in similar situations need to heed as a warning.

Though Lohan pleaded her case to the court in advance of her sentence — probably aware that she might be shown special treatment one way or the other — she missed delivering an Oscar-worthy performance when she needed it most. She sounded insincere.

Using the word "children" in her plea incensed observers like this tweeter:

On the other hand, "Inferno" director Mathew Wilder said he will stand by his leading actress no matter what, and may be sending another message by doing so: Hollywood will give you a chance if you get your act together.

It is pitiful to watch how a once-youthful, charming child star began her career with so much promise, and then got carried away by the spoils of Hollywood to end up behind bars (not tending them, hee hee!)

We'll have to wait and see what the result of this shock treatment will be for Lilo, and if it will change the injudicious actress's ways to those the rest of us have to comply with.

Do you think Lindsay Lohan's sentence is fair, too harsh, or will it be inconsequential to her life?