‘Loki’ Star Owen Wilson Had a Close Call ‘With Marvel’s Super Secret No-Leaks Policy’

“It’s no joke,” the actor says after getting a post-interview text

what happened to mr mobius owen wilson on loki
Marvel Studios

Owen Wilson, who played Mr. Mobius in Marvel’s “Loki” series, had a very close call “with Marvel’s super secret no-leaks policy.”

During an interview with Esquire, Wilson confirmed that he had a run-in with Marvel’s notorious IP enforcement ninjas.

“Well I’ll tell you, it’s serious, it’s no joke,” Wilson said.

Wilson, only half-joking, added: “Even when I let it slip that I am wearing a mustache, Agent Mobius, I got a ominous text saying, ‘Strike One,’ and I don’t know who that was from. We looked into it and we think it might’ve been Kevin Feige using a burner phone or something, but that was never confirmed.”

Earlier in the interview, when asked if Agent Mobius will be returning to any future Marvel movies or series, Wilson said, “”I couldn’t even speculate – although now that we’ve sort of put that on the table, the whole time element, I guess Agent Mobius could show up anywhere. Even outside the MCU. You might see him if they do a reboot on ‘Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure’ or ‘Back to the Future’. You might see Agent Mobius there. Like if they rent him out maybe.”

Fans were pretty upset when Mobius, who’s been an outstanding character, seemingly got killed off in the fourth episode of “Loki.” Ravonna (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) didn’t like that he was learning the truth about the TVA — that all its employees, including Mobius, are variants who once had real lives — and hit him with a pruning stick, disintegrating him.

But just a few minutes later that mid-credits scene gave us some hope that he’s still alive out there somewhere.


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