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Lone Scherfig, Thomas Vinterberg Help Form Scandinavian Film Co-Op

Films will be made in English with the goal of attracting international audiences

Six Scandinavian directors are joining together to form a filmmaking co-op called Creative Alliance with the goal of making six English language films.

The biggest name in the bunch is probably that of Lone Scherfig, who directed the coming-of-age story "An Education" in 2009, scoring a Best Picture nomination for her efforts. 

Getty ImagesThe other members include Per Fly ("Manslaughter"), Ole Christian Madsen ("Kira's Reason – A Love Story"), Dagur Kari ("The Good Heart"), Thomas Vinterberg ("The Celebration") and Janus Metz ("Love on Delivery"). The films will be produced by Lars Knudsen and Jay Van Hoy’s company Parts & Labor International and Danish producers Nikolaj Vibe Michelsen & Jacob Jørgensen. 

Many of the directors are adherents of the Dogme school of filmmaking, which eschews elaborate effects and genre plot devices in favor of a stripped down emphasis on story and performances along with plenty of hand-held camera work.

“We are eager to join forces and develop films together. To share our energy and expertise — as well as challenging each others' craft and talent to ensure that every film reaches its full artistic and commercial potential," the directors said in a statement.

Each director has signed on to develop and direct a film. The co-op said it has already secured funding from the Danish Film Institute and other European and Scandinavian funding bodies.

The films will be produced as "all budget levels," according to a release announcing the collaboration.