A Look at James Franco’s Oscar Morning … From James Franco (Photo)

Academy Awards co-host and nominee gives us a peek into the beginning of his and Hollywood’s big day

It's like waking up next to James Franco.

Emphasis on the "like." The Oscar co-host and nominee got up this morning and gave the world a look at Hollywood from his perspective, literally. 

Franco, up for Best Actor for his role in "127 Hours," posted a couple of pics on his Twitter page late Sunday morning showing both the view from his hotel room and his somewhat weary looking self just hours before he is going to suit up to take the stage with Anne Hathaway for the 83rd Academy Awards.

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Not that such an up close and intimate portrait is anything new for Franco. Since joining Twitter on Feb. 18, the actor, who is also an author, artist and, well a bit of everything else, has been giving fans and other interested parties a peek at life in the very fast and busy lane. 

On Feb. 24, Franco posted a picture of himself backstage at an Academy Award rehearsal. The would-be King of All Media, who appears slated to take over Johnny Depp's role as the lead in "Oz, the Great and Powerful." The "Wizard of OZ" prequel, directed by Sam Raimi, who Franco worked with in the "Spider-Man" movies, is scheduled to come out in 2013.

Of course, by then James Franco might have taken over the world … after all, he's already conquered Hollywood.