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‘Look Who’s Talking’ Producer Jonathan D. Krane Dies at 65

Husband of actress Sally Kellerman was behind more than a dozen John Travolta films

Jonathan D. Krane, who produced the babbling baby “Look Who’s Talking” films that starred John Travolta and Kirstie Alley, died suddenly in the Hollywood Hills home he shared with his wife, Oscar-nominated “M*A*S*H” actress Sally Kellerman. Krane was 65.

“Thankfully our twins Jack and Hannah are both with me,” Kellerman wrote on her Facebook Page. “I am totally devastated.”

Krane’s producing credits go back more than three decades to his first film, “Trail of the Pink Panther” starring Peter Sellers and directed by Blake Edwards — who he collaborated with on several more films, including “The Man Who Loved Women” with Burt Reynolds, “A Fine Mess” with Ted Danson, “That’s Life” with Jack Lemmon and “Blind Date” with Bruce Willis.

In 1989, Krane formed a lifetime friendship with John Travolta, who he first worked with in the 1989 comedy “The Experts.” He went on to produce Travolta in “Look Who’s Talking,” “Look Who’s Talking Too,” “Look Who’s Talking Now,” “Chains of Gold,” “Phenomenon,” “Michael,” “Face/Off,” “Mad City,” “Primary Colors,” “The General’s Daughter,” “Battlefield Earth,” “Lucky Numbers,” “Swordfish,” “Domestic Disturbance” and “Basic.”

Krane and Kellerman met in group therapy and married in 1980. They worked together on the films “Boris and Natasha” (1992) and then again in “The Lay of the Land” (1997).

His most recent production was “Father of Invention” with Kevin Spacey.