Watch Adventurers Ski Down Los Angeles Mountain After Freak Snowstorm: ‘How Sweet This Feels’ (Video)

The opportunity came after one of the strongest weather systems to ever hit Southern California

los angeles ski mountain
YouTube (Andy Lewicky)

After one of the rarest of rare storms blanketed much of the higher elevations of Los Angeles with snow last month, a group of adventure-seeking skiers took advantage, climbing a mountain near Glendale, skiing down and capturing it all on video.

What follows is a one-of-a-kind, majestic trek toward the summit — and a humorous, impressive feat of downhill, alpine skiing back to the city below.

Produced by SierraDescents Video and posted by prolific YouTube mountaineer and skier Andy Lewicky, the video kicks off with a quick but meandering drive through downtown Los Angeles and into the Glendale suburbs.

Deukmejian Wilderness Park marks the end of the commute and the beginning of their journey up the neighboring streets and onto the hiking paths and fire roads above, fully geared up with ski-strapped packs and ski boots clonking under foot.

The occasion found Mount Lukens coated with enough wet powder for the outing to be truly worthwhile for the group. And it shows.

“That looks promising,” Lewicky says as the crests of snow-peaked mountains appear in the distance, before turning the camera on himself.

“Heading up the Crescenta View Trail on our way to the city of Los Angeles,” he says, as the handful of middle-aged men who accompany him wind their way uphill in single file, in front and behind him. “Yes, you heard that correctly — our destination, Mount Lukens, actually sits within the boundaries of the city of Los Angeles. So today, we are skiing L.A.”

“Wow this is it, Lewicky says, with his friends in full agreement. “It’s the realization of all our dreams.”

The opportunity came after what the National Weather Service said was one of the strongest storms to ever hit Southern California, on Feb. 25. It was also accompanied by a snow elevation level that dropped to as low as 1,000 feet, delivering a boot-deep gift of fresh powder.

“I live in the land of the freeways, home of the smog and the traffic,” Lewicky says, continuing his uphill commentary. “Can you even imagine how sweet this feels?”

Watch the full video below.