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Louis Farrakhan Asks If ‘Outside Forces’ Kept His Film Off Netflix

New statement from Nation of Islam asks whether ”opponents of truth“ pressured Netflix to not stream the doc

The Nation of Islam responded on Wednesday to Netflix’s announcement the day before that it will not add a documentary about the organization’s leader, Louis Farrakhan, to their streaming service.

On the list of upcoming films and TV shows being added to Netflix in August, the Farrakhan documentary “My Life’s Journey Through Music,” was originally included on the list. Farrakhan promoted the documentary’s availability on Netflix through his Twitter account; but on Tuesday, Netflix announced that it had been on the list due to an “internal miscommunication” and that it would not be streamed.

In their statement, the NOI said they were not told by Netflix what exactly the miscommunication was.

“The timing of Netflix’s decision – at the 11th hour – to cancel the airing of the documentary affected millions of potential viewers and raises more questions than answers,” the Twitter statement read.

“In light of this untimely sequence of events, did Netflix bow to outside forces in canceling the airing of the documentary? Did media pressure contribute to this result? What do the opponents of truth not want you to learn about Minister Farrakhan?”

Representatives for Farrakhan and Netflix did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for further comment.

Farrakhan has made repeated anti-semitic statements over several decades, losing his verified Twitter status earlier this year for a post warning about the “Satanic Jew.” Several Jewish organizations had condemned Netflix for streaming the doc prior to Tuesday’s announcement, including B’Nai B’rith International, who called Farrakhan “known anti-Semite and perpetrator of bigotry and intolerance that spans decades.”