‘Love After Lockup’: Scott Finally Reaches a Breaking Point With Lizzie (Exclusive Video)

Season finale airs Friday on WE tv

Took you long enough, Scott!

After spending nearly $100,000 on Lizzie and driving himself into debt, “Love After Lockup’s” most generous sap has finally realized that his new fianceé might not be in it for the right reasons.

“I think she’s using me,” Scott confesses in a preview of Friday night’s season finale, several years, tens of thousands of dollars and many, many warnings too late. “I don’t think she even loves me.”

The new clip sees Scott face down, despondent after discovering the $2,000 credit card bill from Lizzie’s shopping spree earlier this season. When Lizzie comes to get him out of bed, Scott can’t even bring himself to take his face out of the pillow.

“Why even bother,” he groans, proving that if you thought you’d already seen him at rock bottom, well, you were wrong.

Scott finally admits to Lizzie that he’s totally broke. Lizzie, ever unflappable (“Whoop-dee-doo-ding-dong. So what? It’s only money, Scott.”), seems more annoyed by the fact that her cash flow has dried up than she is about this months-long deception by the man she claims to love.

“I f—ed up,” Scott says to Lizzie, to which she responds, “Yeah, you did. You straight-up did.”

You straight-up did, Scott.

The Season 2 finale of “Love After Lockup” airs Friday, March 8 at 9/8c on WE tv.