Inside ‘Love in the Time of Corona': How a TV Show About a Pandemic Was Pitched, Written and Shot From Quarantine

”I didn’t want to do a show with people in boxes on the screen,“ executive producer Joanna Johnson tells TheWrap

The five months since the start of the pandemic have seen no shortage of quarantine-related content, but nothing quite as ambitious or technically impressive as Freeform’s “Love in the Time of Corona.”

The four-part limited series was first announced back in early May, barely a month-and-a-half after COVID-19 brought TV production to a screeching halt. At the time, details about the project were scant, simply describing it as “a funny and hopeful look at the search for love, sex and connection during this time of social distancing.” The network said the show would film using “remote technologies,” calling to mind the Zoom reunion panels or one-off scripted outings featuring a row of talking heads.

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Reid Nakamura

TV reporter • • Twitter: @reidnakamura