Millennials Are Swooning for ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 6 | Charts

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Netflix’s buzzy reality series got a boost in the weekly streaming Top 10 after going viral, and millennial households are over-indexing by 10%

A couple fights in Love Is Blind Season 6
"Love Is Blind" Season 6 (Netflix)

Love may be blind, but it draws plenty of eyeballs to Netflix. The sixth season of the streamer’s culture-dominating dating show “Love Is Blind” has been full of drama thus far. The social buzz from the first nine episodes was enough to propel the show into the top spot, up from fifth last week, on the streaming chart in the Samba TV Weekly Wrap Report for the week of Feb. 19 to 25. 

The latest season of the show was already off to a hot start with nearly 700,000 U.S. households watching the first episode over the first six days it was available. That makes it the most viewed “Love Is Blind” season premiere since season four. Millennial households were the most smitten, over-indexing above the national average by 10 percent.

“Love is Blind” is one of a shocking nine Netflix entries on this week’s streaming list. The only non-Netflix entry is “Oppenheimer,” the Oscar-hopeful drama currently streaming on Peacock. It held the No. 4 spot last week and slid to No. 6 this week.

“Avatar: The Last Airbender,” Netflix’s live-action adaptation of the popular animated series, comes in at No. 2 in its first week on the chart. It’s followed by “Mea Culpa,” a sultry thriller from Tyler Perry, at No. 3. 

“The Abyss,” a Swedish disaster movie about a town sinking into a crater, is No. 4 this week, and is the latest example of Netflix’s success in drawing American viewers to its foreign language library. No. 5 is “Resident Alien” Season 1, which rose in the ranks all the way from No. 10 last week. The series began its third season on SyFy on Feb. 14, which led fans to either start the series fresh or rewatch in anticipation of new episodes.

The next two spots are held by 2023 theatrical releases that made their way to streaming. “Thanksgiving,” the holiday-themed slasher flick, is No. 7, followed by the animated teenager-who-unlocks-her-hidden-superpowers tale “Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken,” as No. 8. 

Netflix’s dominant run closes out with two series: the British romantic drama “One Day” at No. 9 and season one of “The Tourist” at No. 10. The series originally premiered on Max nearly two years ago, but Netflix now owns the rights and will air the second season starting Feb. 29. 

The linear TV Top 10 is a mixed bag of competitions and procedurals. “American Idol” grabs the top two spots this week. CBS and NBC each place a pair of procedurals in the Top 10. The long-running “FBI” and “NCIS” come in at No. 3 and No. 10, respectively, while NBC’s Chicago series, “Chicago Med” and “Chicago Fire” come in No. 4 and No.7, respectively.

The rest of the list is all competition. “America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League,” a spinoff of the popular talent show, is fifth. The list is rounded by two ABC stalwarts: “Wheel of Fortune” (two entries, at No. 6 and No. 8) and “The Bachelor” (No. 9).

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