Lunar Eclipse Prompts Outdoor ‘Twilight’ Screenings

Summit will host 12-city event in anticipation of June 30 release of ‘Eclipse’

Celestial occurrences don’t usually play a prominent role in film advertising. However, that’s what’s happening in the case of the June 30 release of "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse."

In celebration of the real-live lunar eclipse on the evening of June 26 and the sequel’s upcoming debut, Summit Entertainment is hosting special outdoor screenings of the first and second films in the vampire franchise.

Billed as "Twilight Night," the 12-city event is a partnership between the studio and AOL Media.

If Twi-hards don’t have a screening taking place in their hometowns, they can access a live-stream of the events taking place in Philadelphia and San Diego, through AOL’s Moviefone. The live-stream will also include interviews with the cast and a sneak peek of "Eclipse"