‘MacGruber’ TV Series in the Works With Will Forte, Kristen Wiig

“We just spent the last two days pitching it as a series,” Jorma Taccone says

Universal Pictures

A “MacGruber” series starring the original cast including Will Forte and Kristen Wiig has been pitched to various streaming networks, writer-director Jorma Taccone said in an interview published Friday.

“We just spent the last two days pitching it as a series,” Taccone told The Daily Beast. “Eight-to-ten episodes.”

The Lonely Island member created the original character, a spoof of the action series “MacGyver,” for “Saturday Night Live” in 2007. Played by Forte, the character appeared in a number of sketches and was later adapted into a 2010 feature film starring Forte, Wiig, Ryan Phillippe, Val Kilmer and Maya Rudolph.

According to Taccone, all are on board to return should the series find a home.

“I would feel terrible if the people involved were embarrassed about it, but Ryan loves that s–t, Kristen loves that s–t, all the people involved are so psyched,” he said.

The 2010 film was a critical and financial failure, pulling in just $9.3 million worldwide, but nonetheless rising to the level of cult favorite among fans.