MAD Magazine Teases April Reboot With New Issue No. 1

Humor magazine recently moved its offices to Los Angeles

MAD Magazine

MAD Magazine is teasing an April reboot following its recent move from New York to Los Angeles and subsequent behind-the-scenes turnover.

A new promotional image shared on the long-running humor magazine’s website and social media accounts says that it will start from scratch in April, launching with a fresh issue No. 1. The image was accompanied by the caption “Excuse our hiatus, but it takes a while to look this good.”

DC Comics co-publisher Dan DiDio first shared the tease on Facebook on Monday, adding “I knew moving to the west coast wouldn’t change MAD too much.”

The magazine announced last June that it would relocate its offices to Burbank to join the rest of DC’s West Coast operation, with longtime editor John Ficarra to step down. Illustrator Bill Morrison was announced as his replacement.

The current issue, MAD Magazine #550, is expected to be the final issue in the existing run. However, DC had already solicited MAD Magazine #551, scheduled for a late March release.