‘Mad Men’s’ Christina Hendricks Hopes Sixth Time’s the Emmy Charm

The nominee for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama is rooting for co-star Jon Hamm and excited about Tatiana Maslany’s nomination

Christina Hendricks has been nominated five times for a Primetime Emmy Award for her work on the AMC series “Mad Men,” and five times she has gone home sans Emmy. On Thursday, she received her sixth nomination. She’s not counting on a different outcome.

“After six nominations, you just sort of settle in and enjoy the show,” Hendricks told TheWrap.

Hendricks was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama series for the historical drama, which was created by showrunner Matthew Weiner. Jon Hamm and Elisabeth Moss, her co-stars on “Mad Men” — which ended in May after seven seasons — were also nominated.

TheWrap: When they get to your category, if you win, will they have to go get you from the lobby or the restroom?
No, it’s never gotten that bad. I’m certainly not flippant at all. You always have hope. I want to win, sure, of course. It’s my last year on the show. I’d love for my work and the character to be acknowledged.

Who do you think is your toughest competition?
They all are, are you kidding? Every time I walk outside I hear about someone else’s great performance on the show that they’re on. All of those actresses are having their friends call them this morning to tell them that this is their year.

Jon Hamm has also been nominated a bunch of times and never won. Do you think this will finally be his year?
I hope so. I think his work is so beautiful. Matt [Weiner]’s writing is really subtle. We don’t have a lot of scenes where we’re screaming and crying and houses are falling down around us. It’s a different kind of show and a different kind of performance. And Jon’s work is so strong and so beautiful, I just really hope he gets a win.

You just did a comedy with Riki Lindhome‘s Comedy Central show “Another Period.” Will you do more?
The other show I just finished [SundanceTV’s “Hap and Leonard”] was sort of a pulp drama. “Another Period” was just sort of a wonderful gift. Riki, I’d been a fan of for years. She knew I’d been a fan, and called and asked if I would do this — and I had just wrapped “Mad Men.” I thought, “This will be a really good distraction so I don’t mope around the house, and it’s with all these comedians that I’ve admired forever.” I’d love to do more comedy. All of the actors in “Mad Men” are very funny, actually, and the doors have been open for us to do more projects like that. A lot of us are taking that opportunity.

You should form an improve troupe.
[“Mad Men” co-star] Rich Sommer would be thrilled.

Aside from “Mad Men,” were there any snubs or surprises for you in the nominees?
One thing I was really happy about was that Tatiana Maslany was finally nominated for “Orphan Black.” For the past couple years, I haven’t understood why she was not nominated. That was one I was happy to see on the list.