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Jon Hamm on ‘Mad Men’ and ‘Breaking Bad’ Parallels: ‘We’re Both These Sort of Bastard Stepchildren’

The actor tells TheWrap that the AMC shows have “had this great sibling relationship”

As AMC’s “Breaking Bad” careens to its series finale on Sunday, its fans are both highly anticipating how it will end and looking back at the show’s seven-season run.

“Mad Men’s” Jon Hamm isn’t immune to the frenzy. As both a fan of the show and a star of AMC sister series “Mad Men,” the actor has a unique appreciation for “Breaking Bad.”

“They overcame a lot of hardship,” Hamm told TheWrap while promoting the American run of his UK series, “A Young Doctor’s Notebook,” on Ovation.

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“It’s interesting, because our shows have had these parallel tracks,” he continued. “Both our shows were cast off from bigger, fancier networks. In our case, HBO and Showtime. In their case, FX had ‘Breaking Bad’ originally. So, we’re both these sort of bastard stepchildren no one wanted and then we both have tremendous success. Both of us have had this great sibling relationship.”

It definitely feels like a cultural moment in the making as “Breaking Bad” is earning record ratings this season, won the Outstanding Drama Emmy and whipping its fandom into a finale fever over how it will conclude.

“I was absolutely thrilled for them to win [the Emmy for Best Drama],” he also said. “And I’m, like everyone else on the planet, anxiously waiting for next Sunday night, because come on, how’s it going to end? I don’t know. It’s awesome.”

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Though many have their theories on how the show about a former science teacher-turn-ruthless meth dealer at a cost will end, Hamm isn’t going there.

“I’m glad I don’t have to write any of this stuff, because the pressure to land the plane after a seven-year flight has got to be massive,” Hamm, 42, who will be watching the finale live from Boston on Sunday, said.

“But, [‘Breaking Bad’ creator Vince Gilligan] is a singularly talented guy and also a lovely guy and a wonderful creative force,” he continued. “I, like everyone else, have enjoyed watching this drama unfold.”

“Breaking Bad” meets its end Sunday at 9/8c on AMC. “A Young Doctor’s Notebook” premieres Wednesday at 10/9c on Ovation.