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Madonna’s Topless 4th of July Tweet Fizzles With Critics

”Put some clothes on woman,“ one Twitter uses hisses at the Material Mom

Madonna made a naked display of patriotism on Tuesday, but not everyone was saluting.

The Material Mom posted a topless photo via Twitter on Tuesday to commemorate the 4th of July, a post that drew its share of detractors along with fans.

“AMERICA!!!! ️HAPPy 4th,” the singer wrote, accompanied by a picture of herself sans top, and draped from the waist down in American flag.

While many commenters commended Madonna‘s sentiment, critics also made their way to the comments section of the tweet.

“Put some clothes on woman,” suggested one commenter.

An apparent Donald Trump supporter took the opportunity to remind Twitter that Madonna revealed back in January that she had “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House,” writing, “remember that time where you said you wanted to blow up the WH. Americans will never forget. You’re un-American. #MAGA”

“You should not be celebrating the freedom you don’t think we have,” another commenter suggested in response to the image, which appears to have been taken while Madonna filmed her 1990 PSA for MTV’s “Rock the Vote” campaign.

Yet another critic took technical exception to the image, writing, “Fire your photographer bc they dont know how to work a camera bc thats WAY too much exposure and saturation.”

“Grosse [sic],” another detractor hissed. “Nothing new to see here. Nothing the world hasn’t seen. Overrated!”

“Who the f–k is Madonna and why isn’t she in a retirement home?” another asked.

She also got plenty of support, however: one fan gushed, “The real president of the United States.”