Mae Whitman Is Desperate Not to be ‘The DUFF’ in New Trailer (Video)

Robbie Amell and Bella Thorne star in CBS Films’ teen comedy

Mae Whitman‘s senior year of high school is turned upside down in a new trailer for “The DUFF,” released by CBS Films on Wednesday.

Her character is at a party with a few attractive friends when Robbie Amell, the film’s resident jock, drops a earth-shattering bomb: “You’re their DUFF.”

“Designated Ugly Fat Friend,” he tells her. “Every group of friends has one. You’re the one who’s approachable.”

Needless to say, that doesn’t go down well, and she throws her drink in his face, but the unfortunate encounter sets her down a new path. Now she’s determined to get a makeover and become more like her “hot” friends, played by Skyler Samuels and Bianca Santos.

But to shed the “DUFF” label entirely she’ll need to take on the school bully, played by Bella Thorne (“Shake It Up!”).

“People like you will never matter,” she tells Whitman.

Eventually Whitman finds confidence and empowerment: “Yeah, I’m somebody’s DUFF. So is everybody. But it shouldn’t affect how you see yourself.”

Ari Sandel directed the comedy, with Josh Cagan penning the script adapted from a Kody Keplinger novel. Ken Jeong, Allison Janney and Nick Eversman co-star, with Susan Cartsonis, McG and Mary Viola producing.

“The DUFF,” which hits theaters on Feb. 20, will be the first film released under CBS Films’ new multi-year distribution partnership with Lionsgate.