‘Maiden’ Follows Tracy Edwards’ ‘First Real Taste of Sexism and Misogyny’ During Epic Sailing Race (Video)

Sundance 2019: In 1989, she skippered the first all-female crew in a sailing race

Tracy Edwards experienced her “first real taste of sexism and misogyny” when she sailed around the world with an all-female crew from 1989 to 1990 — but almost 30 years later, “Maiden” director Alex Holmes doesn’t think much has changed.

At the 2019 Sundance Film Festival, Edwards and Holmes were promoting “Maiden,” which chronicles Edwards’ race around the world with an all-female crew, although male crews dominated the sport. She explained that she was racing with a crew of 17 men and that in the entire race, out of 230 participants, only four were women. That’s when she decided to change it up and skipper the first all-female crew.

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Beatrice Verhoeven, PWS

Beatrice Verhoeven

Film Editor, Twitter: @bverhoev