Malia Obama, David Bowie and Blockbuster Video Among Bankrupt Weinstein Company’s Creditors

Court documents show a long list of people and companies who are owed money by the studio

harvey weinstein company

Court documents obtained by TheWrap show a list of thousands of actors, businesses and organizations owed money by the bankrupt Weinstein Company, including former first daughter Malia Obama, who worked as an intern at the company last year prior to Harvey Weinstein’s dismissal from the company, and a chapter of the Occupy Movement.

The creditor list, which goes for 394 pages, mostly includes small office businesses and movie studio equipment distributors, as well as employees of the company. But several notable names in Hollywood also appear on the list. Among the actors owed money include Alexis Bledel, B.J. Novak, Geoffrey Rush, Pierce Brosnan, Keira Knightley, Seth Rogen, Aziz Ansari and Daniel Radcliffe.

The Weinstein Company also owes several directors including Michael Bay, Tom Hooper, Paul Thomas Anderson and Quentin Tarantino, the latter of whom had all his films distributed by Harvey Weinstein. Production companies owned by celebrities, such as David Letterman’s Worldwide Pants and Quincy Jones Productions, are also included on the list.

TWC’s creditors even include dead celebrities. Late rock legend David Bowie is on the list, as is horror director Wes Craven, whose famous movie “Scream” was distributed by Dimension. TWC also owes dead businesses too: Blockbuster Video, who had an exclusive rental video deal with TWC before it filed for bankruptcy protection in 2010, is also on the list.

Perhaps the strangest creditor is Occupy Hartford, a chapter of the Occupy Wall Street movement that arose in 2011. Occupy Hartford set up an encampment on Broad Street in Hartford, Connecticut, which remained there for two months before voluntarily dismantling at the mayor’s request.

And among the hotels included on the creditor list is the Peninsula Beverly Hills, where many of Harvey Weinstein’s accusers, including Ashley Judd, claim the disgraced producer sexually assaulted them.

Representatives for TWC did not respond to requests for comment.

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.