Marc Maron Apologizes for Faking His Way Through 2018 Maggie Gyllenhaal Interview: ‘I Just Felt Bad’

The podcast host offered up the mea culpa in a conversation with the actress’ husband, Peter Sarsgaard

Marc Maron Maggie Gyllenhaal
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“WTF Podcast” host Marc Maron asked actor Peter Sarsgaard to apologize to his wife Maggie Gyllenhaal for a flubbed interview Maron did with the actress in 2018.

Maron had Sarsgaard on Episode 1495 of the podcast to interview him mostly about his new film “Memory,” in which he stars as a man losing his memory at an early age opposite Jessica Chastain.

“First off, I just need you to do me a favor. I gotta get this off my chest because I carry it with me,” Maron told Sarsgaard right off the bat about 18 and a half minutes into the podcast recording. “You need to tell your wife I’m sorry.”

“Oh, really? What’d you do?” Sarsgaard responded.

“Well, when she was here, it was a few years ago, I talked to her, and it was about — it wasn’t about the ‘The Lost Daughter’ movie — the one before that. What was the one before that, the sort of the teacher?” Maron continued, and Sarsaard answered, “The Kindergarten Teacher” from 2018.

“So she was here for that,” Maron said. “And look, man, generally I’m on top of this s–t. And I know her I know her work and everything, but I didn’t get all the way through that movie. So when I was talking to her about it, and I don’t do this, I kind of faked it a little bit because I felt bad. And there was a moment where she realized that I hadn’t seen the movie.”

“Oh, and I’m sure she told you,” Sarsgaard said with a laugh.

Gyllenhaal appeared on Episode 976 of the podcast almost five years ago to the day, on Dec. 13, 2018. He asked her about her parents as well as her work with Sarsgaard, who she mentioned as “part of her work.” She had already been working on the adaptation of “The Lost Daughter” by Elena Ferrante. Maron then asked her about “The Deuce,” which he mentioned her work in as part of her introduction.

“I just felt bad that I tried to fake it,” Maron said.

Sarsgaard pointed out that this is a big difference between him and Gyllenhaal. He said he would have just faked it right along with Maron.

“The Kindergarten Teacher” stars Gyllenhaal in the role of Lisa, Gael García Bernal as Simon and Ato Blankson-Wood as Justin. The Netflix original tells the story of a kindergarten teacher (Gyllenhaal) in New York who becomes obsessed with one of her students as she increasingly convinces herself that he is a child prodigy.


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