Margot Robbie Brings Sharon Tate Back to Life New ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ Character Poster (Photo)

Quentin Tarantino’s ninth film, also starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt, opens July 26

Margot Robbie Sharon Tate Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
Sony Pictures

We got another new character poster ahead of the first look at Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” and while Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt got to lean back and look cool in the first one, this one is all Margot Robbie dolled up as late actress Sharon Tate.

This latest poster, also captioned “Hollywood. 1969” by Robbie on Instagram and Facebook Tuesday morning, also shows her leaning against an imaginary wall, this time outside a movie theater.

Of course, “Hollywood. 1969” was the location and year that pregnant Tate was murdered by members of the Manson family, led by cult leader Charles Manson.

Everything we’ve seen thus far in anticipation of Tarantino’s ninth film has had that Old Hollywood glow, but it’s only a matter of time before Manson himself shows up and changes Hollywood forever.

“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” also features a cast including Margaret Qualley, Scoot McNairy, Dakota Fanning, Timothy Olyphant, Kurt Russell, Emile Hirsch, Tim Roth, James Marsden, Damian Lewis, Lorenza Izzo, Sydney Sweeney, Rumer Willis, Clifton Collins, Jr., Michael Masden, Zoe Bell, Bruce Dern, Harley Quinn Smith, Lena Dunham, Danny Strong, the late Luke Perry, and Damon Herriman as Manson.

Columbia Pictures is releasing “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” on July 26.

See the new poster below: