Margot Robbie, Will Smith on How They Learned to Con in Bonus ‘Focus’ Clip (Video)

The behind-the-scenes video is an extra on the BluRay edition of the Warner. Bros. that hit stores Tuesday

If you didn’t get enough of Margot Robbie and Will Smith in “Focus,” you’re in luck.

In a behind-the-scenes clip, the stars talk about how they learned to play con artists in the Warner Bros. caper, which earned $53.9 million on its domestic release in February. The video is included on the BluRay edition of the film that hit stores on Tuesday.

The clip features Apollo Robbins, a real-life expert on pickpockets, confidence crimes and deception who met with the actors prior to the shoot to teach them the ways of the grift.

Robbins talks about “booster bags,” which are bags designed to “eat” another bag so they can be stolen quickly and stealthily. Diaper bags are used in the movie to steal purses, while luggage bags with the side cut out are used to steal larger bags.

“In the real world, the actual pieces are very functional and they are used a lot by shoplifters or people to steal luggage,” Robbins says in the clip.

Robbie and Smith admit they not only learned the physical techniques required for their characters but also the thinking behind them.

“He doesn’t just teach you the technical way of pick-pocketing,” says Robbie. “He teaches you the psychological method behind it as well, which was fascinating.”

“Focus” follows con man Nicky (Smith) as he schemes his way through life, until a woman from his past, who is now an accomplished femme fatale, shows up and turns his world upside down.

Glenn Ficarra and John Requa both acted as director and writer for the film, and Denise Di Nova produced it. The film is now available on DVD and BluRay.

Watch the exclusive clip above.