Marjorie Taylor Greene Says She Was ‘Sucked Into’ QAnon Conspiracy Theories (Video)

The controversial representative from Georgia blames it on the internet, naturally

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s promotion of QAnon conspiracy theories was called into question Sunday on Fox News’ “MediaBuzz,” when host Howard Kurtz asked if she still supported it.

The controversial representative from Georgia joined Kurtz to talk about Kevin McCarthy’s win for the House speakership that finally came to pass on Friday after 15 rounds of voting, for which she took partial credit. But he also confronted her about her past affiliation with QAnon and the spreading of crazy conspiracy theories they are best known for, like that there is a global cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles led by Democrats.

“That was raw politics,” Kurtz said, referring to Greene being stripped of her committee assignments because of those views and the violent rhetoric that ensued. “But in fairness, didn’t you also say around that period that you had been a follower of QAnon conspiracy theories, and you had rethought this and you were no longer influenced by the group?”

Greene placed the blame on the internet. “Well, like a lot of people today, I had easily gotten sucked into some things I had seen on the internet. But that was dealt with quickly early on. I never campaigned on those things. That was not something I believed in. That’s not what I ran for Congress on. So, those are so far in the past.”

You can check out her response above.

Since assuming office in January 2021, video surfaced of Greene expressing racist, antisemitic and Islamophobic views, for which she was condemned. But the controversy around her has continued to bubble, with her promotion of many baseless conspiracy theories, including that the Clintons were responsible for murders, that the Democratic Party was responsible for a satanic child sex trafficking ring and that the California wildfires were caused by space lasers owned by a Jewish family.