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Mark Hamill Is Ready to Trade ‘Last Jedi’ Secrets For ‘Frozen 2’ Ones

Don’t trust the ”Star Wars“ star though — he tends to lie

People will do anything to learn what’s going to happen in their favorite franchises.

Josh Gad, who voiced Olaf in “Frozen,” hosted “The Last Jedi” panel at the Star Wars Celebration, which started off with a video montage of him bugging star Daisy Ridley for any “Star Wars” secrets.

At one point, Gad tried to leverage his status in one of Disney’s other popular franchises, but the actors weren’t going to spill anything.

At least, they weren’t going to while on stage in front of thousands of people.

Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, who’s known for his “dad jokes” on Twitter, as he calls him, posted two photos immediately following the panel that shows there might be some secret negotiations in the works.

“In negotiations to exchange VIII spoilers for Frozen 2 leaks,” he tweeted. “And knowing Olaf is in the film isn’t good enough!”

The audience did learn a few things from the panel though. We learned of a new character, saw a new poster, and watched the first teaser.

Either way, don’t go to Hamill’s Twitter feed if you want the truth from “The Last Jedi.” He tends to lie a lot, as you can see from his April 1, 2016 tweet.