Mark Ruffalo Uses ‘Gravity Falls’ to Meet Jason Momoa at NYCC (Video)

Looks like we have some Marvel/DC fraternizing on our hands

Mark Ruffalo Jason Momoa

There isn’t a contract rule saying Marvel and DC stars aren’t allowed to hang out with each other… as far as we know. But that didn’t stop Mark Ruffalo from taking extra precautions when he met up with “Aquaman” star Jason Momoa at New York Comic-Con.

Continuing the long tradition of celebrities disguising themselves in costumes at conventions, Ruffalo met with Momoa disguised as Grunkle Stan from “Gravity Falls.” Ruffalo posted video of the meeting between Bruce Banner and Arthur Curry on Twitter, as well as pictures he took in disguise with kids at the convention, both of which came to the attention of “Gravity Falls” voice actor Alex Hirsch.

In response, Hirsch posted a video of a puppet Stan declaring that he will not stand for such hideous impersonations of himself.

“RUFFALO!” bellowed a fist-shaking Stan. “I’m calling you out! I’ll see you in my DMs.”

Ruffalo will next be seen in “Avengers 4” in May 2019, while Momoa will appear in “Aquaman” this Christmas.