Mark Wahlberg Ponders Funky Bunch Reunion to Help Boston (Video)

"Why not?" actor tells TMZ

Mark "Don't Call Me Marky Mark" Wahlberg says he would go back to his musical roots to help his hometown.

The "Pain and Gain" star told TMZ, who kind of nailed it on this one, that he would be willing to do a reunion show with his old hip-hop group, Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, to raise money for the city after the Boston Marathon bombings.

Unless he was just kidding. A rep for Wahlberg did not immediately respond to a request for clarification.

Let's go to the transcript of the entertainment scoop of the week.

"Mark," a TMZ correspondent asks, "would you ever do a once-in-a-lifetime concert for the victims of Boston?"

"Absolutely," Wahlberg responds.

"As Marky Mark and the Fun Bunch?"

There's an awkward moment.

"Funky Bunch," says Wahlberg. "Close."

Then he adds: "Why not?"

TD Garden, clear your calendar.

Here's the TMZ video: