‘Marriage Story:’ Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver Find It Hard to Say Goodbye in New Trailer (Video)

Noah Baumbach directs Netflix film opening in theaters on Nov. 6

The first look at Noah Baumbach’s “Marriage Story” were two mirroring trailers, each looking at divorce from the separate perspectives of Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver’s characters. This new trailer though brings them together, however, and makes it difficult to pull them apart.

Baumbach’s film stars Driver and Johansson as a married couple in the process of a divorce and examines the comedy, frustration and emotion that comes with that process. And while the first pair of trailers made the film look strictly like a two-hander, this new one gives the rest of the cast, including Laura Dern, Merrit Wever, Alan Alda, Julie Hagerty and Ray Liotta, a chance to shine.

“Most people in my business, these are just transactions to them, but I like to think of you as people,” a divorce lawyer played by Alda says warmly to Driver. “You remind me of myself from my second marriage.”

There’s also a scene of Julie Hagerty as Johansson’s mom playfully greeting Driver as she’s about to serve him with divorce papers. And the trailer closes with a hilarious sequence of Ray Liotta explaining what the negotiating process will be like.

“If we start from a place of reasonable, and they start from a place of crazy, when we settle, we’ll be somewhere between reasonable and crazy,” he says.

Netflix debuted “Marriage Story” at the Toronto Film Festival earlier this fall. It will then open in theaters beginning Nov. 6 before launching on Netflix on Dec. 6.

Watch the new trailer above.