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‘Married By Mom and Dad': ‘Boss Babe’ Ursula Spills Her Secret (Exclusive Video)

She’s barking up former NFL player Devin’s tree

Ursula wants to marry former NFL player Devin, but on TLC’s “Married by Mom and Dad,” that’s neither the bride or groom’s decision. So she sets out to impress his titular parents.

“I’m a boss babe. I run a business, I call myself a ‘boss,'” the marital interviewee tells the duo in a clip from Sunday’s episode, which was obtained exclusively by TheWrap. “I think like a man. I built over a six-figure business in the past two years. I travel all the time, I don’t even date because I’m over it.”

Ursula says she’s looking for “a person that could hold it down next to me.” Whatever that means.

But then she reveals a rules violation in the world of “Married by Mom and Dad”: Ursula reached out to Devin on social media and they’ve since texted. That no-no leads the dad of “Mom and Dad” to question her “integrity.”

“I messed up,” Ursula admits. Watch the video above.

From Tampa, Fla., 26 year-old former NFL player, Devin hopes to put an end to his frequent string of one-night stands and finally settle down with a woman who loves him for him and not just for his money. Devin trusts that his parents, who have been married for 29 years, can weed out the women who aren’t serious, but he hopes they can find someone he finds physically attractive as well.

Here are the other singles on this season:

Tahnee (Pleasanton, Calif.)
30 year-old Tahnee admits that dating is not her favorite thing, and that it has become more difficult the older she has gotten. But now that most of her friends are getting married and having babies, Tahnee is ready for these milestone moments for herself. Tahnee’s biological mother and stepmother will help find her future spouse. 

Bethany (Charlotte, N.C.)
24 year-old Bethany is happy with her life and her career as a 5th grade teacher, but is eager to share these moments with someone. Her parents have been divorced since she was five years old, but she still trusts them to make this important decision for her.

Marissa (San Diego, Calif.)
27 year-old Marissa admits that she has high expectations when it comes to relationships, and that she’s not afraid to let a guy know when he’s not meeting her standards. Her parents have been married for over 30 years and Marissa looks to their traditional marriage as an example.

“Married by Mom and Dad” is produced by Thinkfactory Media for TLC.

Season 2 premieres Sunday, November 27 at 10/9c.