Marvel Chief Reveals Secrets of a Perfect Post-Credits Scene

“I always liked that sort of thing, whether it’s ‘Ferris Bueller’ or ‘Masters of the Universe,'” self-confessed “film nerd” Kevin Feige says

Marvel Studios has turned the post-credits scene into an art form. In fact, one of the things that fanboys and film audiences most anticipate not only in every Marvel movie, but superhero movies in general, are the post-credits scenes.

“Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,” which opens nationwide Friday, does not disappoint by boasting five post-credits scenes.

In a new interview with Slashfilm, Marvel Chief Kevin Feige talked about how post-credits scene became a tradition at the studio.

“Well, Sam Jackson, ‘Iron Man 1’ for sure. That’s absolutely how it came about, I always liked that sort of thing, whether it’s ‘Ferris Bueller’ or ‘Masters of the Universe,'” Feige said.

“As a film nerd, I never wanted it to end. I didn’t want the experience … no matter how good or bad the movie was, just the experience of being in the movie theater, I didn’t want to end,” he continued. “So I would always sit through the credits. My mom would do that, too.”

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Feige went on to say, “So when I started making movies, I’d be like that’d be fun to do. The Sam Jackson-Nick Fury idea came about during production. You’ve heard this story, Sam was willing to do it. We shot it secretly. It leaked the next day. But we didn’t wanna put it in the body of the film ’cause we thought it would be distracting. So we thought we’d put it at the very end of the credits for people who like me when I was a kid could be rewarded for staying and if you stayed that long, you probably knew who Nick Fury was. And what that meant. And then it became a tradition and then it really varies. Sometimes we conceive of the tags during development, sometimes during production, sometimes during post-production.”

The Marvel president then gave a specific example of how a popular post-credit scene came about.

“I think the tag on ‘Iron Man 2’ I hit upon while I was reading the drafts of ‘Thor,'” Feige said.

“And we had that beat where Coulson drove to the Hammer, ‘Sir, I found it.’ And as I was reading the script, I do it all on the iPad now, but then it was paper. And I would go, and I circled that little thing and I said tag. Then you can do things like move that up in the shooting schedule so it became one of the first things we shot on ‘Thor’ so we could cut it together and put it in ‘Iron Man 2.'”

“Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” opens nationwide Friday.


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