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‘Marvel’s Iron Fist': Your First Good Look at Fan Favorite Colleen Wing (Video)

Netflix dives deeper into Danny Rand’s partner in (stopping) crime at Wednesday press event

Bow to Colleen Wing, Netflix subscribers.

The streaming giant gave the world its best look so far at the female lead character from “Marvel’s Iron Fist” on Wednesday morning during a company press event in New York City. Played by Jessica Henwick, Wing is a Japanese martial artist who will avenge her grandfather’s death with the help of the series’ titular superhero, Danny Rand’s (Finn Jones) alter-ego.

Here’s her backstory from the comics: After arriving in New York City, Wing befriends former cop Misty Knight, whom she starts a private investigation agency with. As P.I.s, the two often collaborate with Heroes for Hire, which is comprised of Luke Cage and the aforementioned Iron Fist. Wing and Knight later form crime fighting duo, Daughters of the Dragon.

In a 2010 “Daredevil” storyline, “Shadowland”, Wing becomes the leader of The Nail, a splinter group of The Hand ninja clan, per Wikipedia. Wing first appeared in November 1974’s “Marvel Premiere No. 19” by Doug Moench and Larry Hama. Now she’s ready for primetime — or really, whenever you choose to stream “Iron Fist.”

Watch the upcoming shows first full trailer here and check out the brand new Wing-centric scene above.

“Marvel’s Iron Fist” Season 1 drop(kick)s in its entirety March 17 on Netflix.