Mary Trump Says Donald Has ‘Finally Reached the End of the Road’ With $355 Million Ruling: ‘He’s Terrified’ | Video

Her uncle’s legal and financial troubles are only getting worse, Trump’s niece tells MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell

Lawrence O'Donnell, Mary Trump (MSNBC)
Lawrence O'Donnell, Mary Trump (MSNBC)

Donald Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, detailed how the former president’s financial woes are “finally” taking a toll on him following his latest fine of $355 million for fraudulently inflating the values of some of his real-estate properties.

Mary made her remarks during an appearance on “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell” on Thursday, where she expressed that the key to putting an end to her uncle’s political reign is to break his bank.

“Anybody who’s from New York, who has been paying any attention for the last many decades, knows what makes him tick,” she said. “What’s so fascinating about this latest chapter in his life, is that he’s finally reached the end of the road.”

She went on to explain that Donald’s longstanding leadership of the Trump family empire was merely rooted in him being a smooth-talking media personality rather than actually being a skilled businessman.

Mary continued, “When he was taking over from my grandfather or when he was my grandfather’s successor, and the one who was going to fill my grandfather’s ambitions, he didn’t need skill … He just needed the skill as the arrogant, self-confident, brash guy who played well on television.”

The family real-estate business was started by Frederick Trump, who purchased land in New York City during the 1900s. It was eventually taken over by Donald’s father and later Donald himself. Mary shared that his connection to that old money has officially dried up.

“My grandfather always had hundreds of millions of dollars to prop him up. We know that when after my grandfather died, Donald sold the Empire lock, stock and barrel at a loss of approximately $300 million,” Mary said. “Attorney General [Letitia] James knows better than anybody else, that there’s nobody else left to hand Donald a blank check anymore, and that’s what keeps him up at night because he’s terrified of having the truth about him being known.”

On Feb. 16, Judge Arthur Engoron ordered Donald to pay $355 million, plus interest, for lying about the value of some of Trump Organization’s real-estate properties in an effort to obtain loans. The hundreds of millions of fines add to the $83 million judgement issued to Donald for defaming journalist E. Jean Carroll after she went public with her sexual abuse allegations against him. He now has a debt log of roughly $438 million.


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