Bull Says Smell of His Cologne Gave Away His ‘Masked Singer’ Identity to This Judge

Season 6 runner-up says he’s crossing his “hooves” hoping the panelist will join him on tour

Masked Singer Bull

(Warning: This post contains spoilers for “The Masked Singer” Season 6 finale, which aired Wednesday.)

Nicole Scherzinger hit the bull on the horns when she correctly guessed that Todrick Hall was the celeb behind the mask of “The Masked Singer” Season 6 runnerup contestant, Bull. And no, it wasn’t just his voice — which Scherzinger has heard many times while collaborating with him on different songs — that gave Hall’s identity away to “The Masked Singer” judge.

“I knew she would know the first performance. But I didn’t know that within the first like eight count of me singing, she was going to recognize who it was,” Hall told TheWrap in an interview ahead of Wednesday’s Season 6 finale, which saw him take second-place behind Queen of Hearts, who was revealed to be Jewel. “And she did, and I could tell. And it made me so nervous. At first, it was so nerve wracking because, of course, the choreographer put me right next to her to start. And I wear this specific cologne, Le Labo, and after the show, we talked and she was like, ‘When you walked up, I could smell something, and I felt like it smelled familiar. But when you started singing, it was like the two things connected.’ So it wasn’t just my voice, it was also the cologne that the Bull was wearing that was the dead giveaway that it was me.”

Hall knew the tricky situation he was getting into when he signed on to do “The Masked Singer” after releasing his latest album “Femuline,” earlier this year because it features Scherzinger on the song “Show Off.” But he was still game to do his best to keep his identity hidden from his friend and collaborator, whom he did not work with for his upcoming album “Femuline Gaymeova,” which will be released Jan. 14.

“I did this project as a very private project. There’s hardly any collabs on this album,” Hall said. “And no, Nicole and I have been trying to figure out a way to make our schedules work to do a video for ‘Show Off,’ for our song. So we were communicating during the time, but I didn’t tell her [about ‘The Masked Singer’], because I just wanted to see what her reaction would be. And it was so much better that I didn’t send her a text message and tell her. And we actually didn’t text or talk about it the whole time I was on the show, just because I didn’t want to sway her opinion or anything.”

Also, as “Masked Singer” fans know by now, there’s that whole iron-clad NDA thing that would prevent Hall from being able to spill the beans.

“But it was really, really fun to have a friend on the panel,” Hall added. “It’s really nerve wracking when your friend is Nicole Scherzinger, because she’s such an incredible vocalist and to sing in front of her in that way was very, very scary every week. But I love her and she is such a compassionate person. And I’m just so happy that I got to do that. And maybe, I’m going on a world tour this year in March, and I’m hoping that Nicole can stop by and do a little cameo guest appearance on one of the performances. So crossing my hooves for that.”