Hamster Can’t Wait for ‘Masked Singer’ Fan Adam Sandler to See Him Revealed

Latest unmasked singer tells TheWrap he’s honestly surprised Sandler hasn’t already figured it out


(Warning: This post contains spoilers for Wednesday’s “The Masked Singer.”)

Everyone who watched “The Masked Singer” on Wednesday night found out that Rob Schneider was the man behind the Hamster mask. But there’s one viewer in particular whom the comedian is most excited to see his costume head come off: His buddy Adam Sandler.

“I really wanted to tell them,” Schneider told TheWrap ahead of his big reveal on Wednesday’s “The Masked Singer.” “I wanted to tell them, and then I said, ‘Oh, it might be fun for him.’”

That’s not just because Schneider thinks his longtime friend and regular co-star will be shocked to find out he was on “The Masked Singer,” but because the “Billy Madison” star is a huge fan of the Fox singing competition.

“He loves it. He watches everything. He’s a fan,” Schneider said. “And he still doesn’t know. I didn’t tell him and I’m surprised I haven’t gotten a phone call from him yet.”

Maybe the reason Sandler has yet to guess his boy was competing as the Hamster — despite a few clues pointing to Sandler and Schneider and their “Saturday Night Live” days — is because six seasons into “The Masked Singer” he didn’t think Schneider would be showing up, seeing as he hadn’t been on already.

“I felt insulted that they waited until Season 6 to ask me,” Schneider told TheWrap, poking fun at Fox. “They should have at least by Season 4. I felt insulted, jilted, yes. They should have asked me Seasons 2 through 4. It’s funny, because I would get like texts and stuff, like, ‘Ah, you are on “The Masked Singer”? And I go, ‘What?’ I guess they guessed me at some other times when it was somebody else.”

So Schneider watched the show.

“And I said, well, that makes sense, and that’s a fun show, especially for this kind of era. It’s very much like we’re living in the 1950s, so whatever is the less politically offensive show– and there’s nothing to be offended about. It’s just costumes and everybody is happy. It’s very much like the 1950s.”

While those who watched “The Masked Singer” in real time will get to experience the fun along with Schneider, he’s assuming Sandler won’t start bothering him until Thursday, as he’s more of a DVR guy.

“Well, he records everything,” Schneider said. “So it might be another 24 hours. But he’s up on what’s happening on TV. He really is.”

“The Masked Singer” airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Fox.