‘Masked Singer’ Reveals 3 New Season 6 Costumes: Meet Banana Split, Cupcake and More (Video)

Fox’s singing competition returns Sept. 22

“The Masked Singer” revealed the costumes of three new contestants competing on the show’s upcoming sixth season in a fun new promo that Fox dropped Friday.

In the clip, which you can view above, you’ll meet Cupcake and Banana Split (a two-person costume), with the reveal of Queen of Hearts coming video the newly released key art (see below). The unveiling of that trio of contestants comes after the earlier first looks at Dalmatian, Mallard and Hamster, who are also featured in the new TV spot.

“The Masked Singer” will kick off Season 6 on Wednesday, Sept. 22 and air the second half of its supersized debut the following night, Thursday, Sept. 23. On both evenings, the smash-hit competition will be set in the 8 o’clock hour and followed by freshman singing contestant “Alter Ego,” which is also getting a two-night debut.

As of right now, we know very little about the upcoming season of “The Masked Singer,” including how many contestants will be competing and when the new episodes will debut (though right now the count is at six with Cupcake, Banana Split, Queen of Hearts, Dalmatian, Mallard and Hamster.)

What we can tell you is host Nick Cannon and judges Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Robin Thicke and Nicole Scherzinger will be returning when the show returns this fall on Fox.

We also know the format will be shaken up a bit this time, with just two groups of contestants, Group A and Group B, who will compete within their respective groupings — which will include some wild-card contestants — until there is just one singer standing left on each side. Then those two finalists will go head to head in the season finale, according to EW.

“It’s almost like we have three finales in our show. We have a winner from Group A and Group B, and they’ll then be going head-to-head almost like a prizefight to see who is the Masked Singer [in the finale],” “Masked Singer” executive producer Craig Plestis told EW. “But the great thing is, they’ll be taking on each other, and they’ve never sat on the same stage together until that moment.”

“The Masked Singer” Season 6 premieres Wednesday, Sept. 22 on Fox.


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