‘The Masked Singer’ Semifinals Sends Home Another Contestant: And Snowstorm Is…

Fans got a double helping of the competition this week

masked singer snowstorm
"The Masked Singer" (Fox)

Thanksgiving brought a second plateful of “The Masked Singer” this week, as the show got into its semifinals. The competitors for the night were Snowstorm, Harp and the Lambs. And sadly, after a strong run on the show it was Snowstorm who didn’t make it through.

Snowstorm came out strong as a blizzard on the show, singing Ariana Grande’s “Thank U, Next.” The singer made her debut on “Comedy Roast Night” and got in some pretty good digs at host Nick Cannon, and how many kids he’s had. While on stage next to him, she made sure to create a little distance, joking that “I’m just so scared to get too close to you, I don’t want to get pregnant.”

The singer also snuck in a roast of judge Nicole Scherzinger in her clue package, dedicating that first performance to her “favorite, fearless lady Nicole who has had more famous exes than [host] Nick [Cannon] has had baby mamas.”

Between the theme of the night she first appeared, her thorough roasting of Nick, and her clue package — which also included phrases like it “took a tight two years to see myself on screen,” which is a reference to a comedy set needing to be “tight” — the judges speculated correctly early on that Snowstorm was a comedian.

But their initial guesses on who specifically was under the mask were a bit off base. Guesses from the judges included Whitney Cummings, Aubrey Plaza, Iliza Shlesinger, and even Kathryn Hahn. Meanwhile, some fans guessed that Snowstorm was perhaps a professional singer like Ashlee Simpson and Kelly Rowland.

But in the end, she was indeed a comedian: Comedy Central alum Nikki Glaser. That means that Harp and the Lambs — who Ken Jeong apparently thinks are three of the Spice Girls — move on to the finals next week.

“The Masked Singer” airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.