Matt Damon’s Birthday Text From Dad: ‘In Exactly One Month, We Can Kiss Trump Goodbye’

The actor is working on his birthday at New York Comic-Con

Matt Damon at the Golden Globes

Matt Damon received a birthday text message from his father during Saturday’s panel for Legendary/Universal’s “The Great Wall” at New York Comic-Con.

“My birthday present to you is that in exactly one month, we can kiss Trump goodbye,” Damon read aloud.

He continued with his father’s message, “If he did get elected, Mexico would have to put up that wall to keep him out!”

“The Great Wall,” shot entirely in China and directed by Zhang Yimou, stars Damon as a dragon slayer who helps to protect the country from beasts to the north.

Damon said “ultimately, it’s a monster movie. Monsters are attacking the Great Wall. It’s historical fantasy. I’ve never done that before and if ever was to do something like that, it would be with [director] Zhang Yimou.”

Damon added, “It was cool to incorporate Chinese mythology in a Hollywood sword-and-sandal epic.”

The director said via an interpreter: “This movie is made for the world audience. We have people working all over the world and we worked hard to present this movie to you guys.”

Three walls were built during production because filmmakrs weren’t allowed to shoot on the actual 6,000-mile-long wall, making the action thriller the most expensive Chinese production of all time.