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How Matt Nathanson’s New Track ‘Headphones’ Is Providing Hearing for Thousands in Need (Video)

Artist traveled to Peru with Starkey to provide hearing aids to people in needs and is donating 100 precent of the proceeds from the resultant video to the foundation

Matt Nathanson took the title of his latest single “Headphones” and ran with it.

Partnering with Starkey Hearing Foundation, he took the money his label gave him to make a music video and put it toward the foundation’s mission to give hearing aids to people who can’t afford them or otherwise don’t have access to them.

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He followed the company on a trip to Peru, and it was video from this trip that became the official video for his new single. It is Nathanson’s hope that the video will help raise awareness of the valuable work that Starkey is doing, and the importance of sharing the gift of hearing.

Over 48 hours, Nathanson and Starkey gave away more than 1,000 hearing aids and after-care to those in need. In keeping with the spirit behind the video and his passion for the cause, 100% of the proceeds from the video will go to the Starkey Hearing Foundation, including both Nathanson and his label’s portions.

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“If I couldn’t hear, I would be lost,” Nathanson said. In the video he said that he’d choosing hearing over sight or speech if he had to. Of the charitable work he did, he added, “I feel like this is the beginning of a life of giving back.”

The video closes with the impressive statistic that Starkey Hearing Foundation gives more than 100,000 hearing aids to people in need each year. Those interested can donate and go behind the scenes of Nathanson’s video at the foundation’s official website.