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Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi Joins Glenn Greenwald, Jeremy Scahill at First Look Media

”It’s obvious that we’re entering a new phase in the history of journalism,“ the award-winning writer says

Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi is leaving dead-tree media and going digital. The writer is teaming up with fellow iconoclastic journalists Glenn Greenwald, Jeremy Scahill, and Laura Poitras at Pierre Omidyar’s web-based First Look Media.

Taibbi is expected to start his own blog with FLM focused on “financial and political corruption.”

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“It’s obvious that we’re entering a new phase in the history of journalism,” Taibbi told the New York Times. “This is clearly the future, and this was an opportunity for me to be part of helping to found something and create something that might carry us into the next generation.”

Taibbi’s aggressive, take-no-prisoners reporting on the scandals of the financial world has won him many friends and enemies and his new venture is sure to have more people on Wall Street looking over their shoulders.

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“Matt is one of the most influential journalists of our time,” said Eric Bates, executive editor of First Look Media. “His incisive explorations of the financial crisis – and Wall Street’s undue influence over our political system – have played a key role in helping to inform the public and transform the national debate. He is a journalist who can explain what a credit default swap is and why it’s important – and, make you bust out laughing while he’s doing it. I look forward to having him on our team and helping him launch a dynamic new site unlike any other.”