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Matthew Weiner Hopes to End ‘Mad Men’ in Modern Times

”It doesn’t mean Don’s gonna die.“

"Mad Men" creator Matthew Weiner says he hopes to end his 1960s-set series in modern times, with Don Draper looking back on his life.

"It came to me in the middle of last season. I always felt like it would be the experience of human life. And human life has a destination," Weiner said in a public talk about the show with "Curb Your Enthusiasm" star Jeff Garlin, as reported by Grantland.

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"It doesn't mean Don's gonna die. What I'm looking for, and how I hope to end the show, is like … It's 2011. Don Draper would be 84 right now," Weiner said. "I want to leave the show in a place where you have an idea of what it meant and how it's related to you."

He added: "I was 35 when I wrote the Mad Men pilot, 42 when I got to make it, and I'll be 50 when it goes off the air. So that's what you're gonna get. Do I know everything that's gonna happen? No, I don't. But I just want it to be entertaining, and I want people to remember it fondly and not think it ended in a fart."