Max Greenfield Tells Conan His Father Was Ashamed of His Kitten Nipple-Licking Scene on ‘New Girl’

The Emmy contender expresses regrets for one notorious scene on the Fox sitcom

Max Greenfield loves his gig as Schmidt on “New Girl” — but acknowledged to Conan O’Brien the show may have gone too far with the kitten nipple-licking scene.

“Now, here’s how our jobs are different,” O’Brien said. “On my show they do everything they can to get me to keep my shirt on. On your show, it seems that the creators are constantly trying to think of scenarios where they get your shirt off.”

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“For example, they came up with a scene where you’re just being — your chest is being licked by kittens,” he observed. “How do they justify that?”

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“I don’t know that they did, to be quite honest with you,” Greenfield said. “I asked, and I said, you know, oddly enough this doesn’t drive the story at all. Why are we doing this? They go well, we think it’s going to be funny. I go you know what? Great. I kind of had some pride in myself. The first couple of seasons I was, like, hey, man, I’ll do whatever you guys ask. Love this job. Grateful.”

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Greenfield then said his father had some serious reservations about the kitten scene.

“He watched me getting my nipples licked by a kitten, and he called me and he goes, yeah, that wasn’t funny,” he lamented. “And I go, you know, that’s a regret. That’s a regret I’ll have in my life.”

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