‘SNL’: Maya Rudolph Gets Caught Living in a Closet 17 Years After Leaving the Show | Video

“I’ve been in here since 2007,” the comedian jokes in a promo ahead of her hosting duties this weekend

In a new promo for this weekend’s “Saturday Night Live” episode, host Maya Rudolph is caught camping out in a 30 Rock closet, saying she’s been there since she left the show 17 years ago.

“Hello there, I wasn’t expecting visitors,” the “SNL” alum tells cast members Andrew Dismukes and Chloe Troast from the closet floor where they find her.

“I’ve been in here since 2007, I never left,” Rudolph jokes while stirring a bowl of porridge. “Why would I leave? I have everything I need here – my books, my porridge and my dear friend Kenny,” referring to mop with a pair of googly eyes on it.

“Aren’t you supposed to be hosting this week?” Troast asks as Rudolph shares a joke with the mop through coughing fits.

“I am? Oh, well then would you guys mind closing the door, I need to freshen up,” she responds. The second the door closes, a fully put together Rudolph is seen outside the closet ready to host. “Hey guys. See you Saturday.”

After starring on the late-night sketch comedy series from 2000-07, this weekend marks the third time the “Loot” star will take the “SNL” hosting reins. Vampire Weekend is the musical guest, joining her in their fourth appearance for the penultimate episode of the show’s 49th season.

Following Rudolph, Jake Gyllenhaal – also his third time – and musical guest Sabrina Carpenter will host and perform in the season finale.

“Saturday Night Live” airs Saturdays at 11:30 p.m. ET/8:30 p.m. PT on NBC and Peacock.


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