Maya Wiley Steps Away From MSNBC to Explore Run for NYC Mayor

The NBC News legal analyst is taking her expertise to a different arena, considering a run for the job currently held by Bill de Blasio

Maya Wiley
Getty Images

Maya Willey, a legal analyst for NBC News, is stepping away from her role as a contributor at MSNBC to explore running for mayor of New York City.

An MSNBC source confirmed to TheWrap that Wiley will no longer be an MSNBC and NBC News contributor while she explores the possibility of a run.

Wiley is the former chairwoman of New York City’s police oversight agency and was once a top counsel for Mayor Bill de Blasio himself.

Wiley, who is Black, has an active Twitter presence and comments on legal and political news of the day. She spent Tuesday offering her perspective on hearings around the presence of federal agents in protest-heavy cities like Portland, Oregon. On MSNBC in recent weeks, she’s outlined for viewers what growing calls to “defund the police” would look like in practice and what is behind their rise in popularity.

She’s also talked about President Donald Trump, someone she sees as a politician who will “lie, cheat and steal” to win the upcoming election.

Since reporting on her plan to leave her contributor role and pursue a possible run broke Tuesday, Wiley has stayed quiet on social media about her future plans.