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McDonald’s Tweets Trump Is a ‘Disgusting Excuse of a President,’ Claims Account Was Compromised

”Also you have tiny hands,“ the account tweeted

McDonald’s claims its Twitter account was compromised after a Trump-bashing tweet sent by @McDonaldsCorp, calling the president “a disgusting excuse of a President,” went viral.

On Thursday, a pinned tweet showed up on McDonald’s Corporation’s Twitter account — a tweet which has since been deleted.

People were quick to notice, some praising the home of the Big Mac for their comment. Others became concerned about the tone set by the company’s social media manager.

“I’m loving it!” tweeted one user.

“I get the feeling it was someone’s last day on McDonalds’ social media team today,” tweeted another.

Someone referred to McDonald’s competitor Wendy’s — a company that in recent months has become known for its hip and edgy social media account, until it accidentally tweeted out a hate symbol. 

According to CNBC, the hacking comes just one day after hundreds of other Twitter accounts were compromised, including Justin Bieber’s Japanese account and Forbes’ account.  The Twitter accounts were branded with the Turkish flag and messages were sent out in Turkish. In certain tweets, two hashtags translated to mean Nazi Germany and Nazi Holland were used.

Other accounts hacked included the World Meteorological Organization, Germany Soccer club Borussia Dortmund, and the United Kingdom’s Department of Health.

See reactions to the tweet below.