All the Songs in Tyler Perry’s Erotic Legal Thriller ‘Mea Culpa’

The movie’s official tracklist is an original score composed by Emmy award-winning writer-composer Amanda Jones

"Mea Culpa" (Netflix)
"Mea Culpa" (Netflix)

Tyler Perry’s erotic legal thriller “Mea Culpa” doesn’t just feature an award-winning musician in its lead, star Kelly Rowland, the song list for the film also has an original score that was composed by Emmy Award-winning composer Amanda Jones (“Home,” Season 2).

“Walk On By” by Isaac Hayes and “Khavude” performed by DJ Lag are just some of the songs you’ll hear in the spine-tingling drama. But, on top of that, there’s a 16-song soundtrack composed by Jones.

Kelly Rowland takes the lead in the new Netflix movie, and she’s joined by her fellow cast members Trevante Rhodes (“Moonlight”), Nick Sagar (“Run the World”), Sean Sagar (“NCIS: Sydney”) and more.

Here’s the official synopsis:

When criminal defense attorney Mea Harper (Kelly Rowland) takes on the murder case of artist Zyair Malloy (Trevante Rhodes), the truth isn’t as obvious as it seems. While she tries to determine the innocence or guilt of her cagy-yet-seductive client, it is uncovered that everyone is guilty of something. Tyler Perry’s Mea Culpa explores what happens when burning desire takes hold and things get hot… and dangerous.

Here’s a list of all the songs that were featured in the “Mea Culpa”:

  • “Walk on By” performed by Issac Hayes
  • “Time Away” performed by Jay Weigel
  • “Only With You” performed by Jay Weigel
  • “Khavude” performed by DJ Lag
  • “Winnie (End of Me)” performed by Fred Again
  • “Samba of Love” performed by Jay Weigel
  • “Hello It’s Me” performed by The Isley Brothers
  • “And I Drove You Crazy” performed by Banks
  • “Unravel Me” performed by Sabrina Claudio
  • “Don’t Dig Nutin” written by Stephen McIntosh and Joseph Charles
  • “Condotta Ell’era in Ceppi” written by Guiseppe Verdi

Here’s the list of the songs in Jones’ score for “Mea Culpa,” which you can listen to below:

  • “Mea Culpa Main Title”
  • “Zyair”
  • “She’s Not My Ex”
  • “Shall We Get Started”
  • “Any New Clients”
  • “You Did Something to Her”
  • “Remember When”
  • “Mea Paints”
  • “Better If We Meet Here”
  • “Judges Chambers”
  • “Appropriate”
  • “Boundaries”
  • “Mea Peels the Canvas”
  • “You’re Heidi”
  • “Is Cal Here”
  • “Mea Escapes”


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