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Meet the Apps

A quintet of recent iPhone movie promotions.

"Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince"
Studio: Warner Bros.
Released: July 9, 2009
Price: Free

Even more directly linked to the film than most apps, users can view official content like videos, posters and character info. They also can unlock hidden content, referred to as “memory vials,” using Professor Albus Dumbledore’s "pensieve" device, and take pictures on their iPhones and upload them into "Wanted" posters or “The Daily Prophet,” the wizarding world’s newspaper.



Studio: Disney
Released: May 29, 2009/ May 25, 2009
Price: Free/$0.99
One version of the game has users help the movie’s heroes, Carl and Russell, lift Carl’s house off the ground by popping as many balloons as possible in 45 seconds, earning player points and merit badges. A second game, launched by THQ Wireless with a licensing agreement from Disney, has users collect balloons to keep moving through the air. In "adventure" mode, players have 24 levels to guide Carl’s house over obstacles and through weather. In "wilderness" mode, players try to collect as many badges as possible to become a certified Wilderness explorer.

"Watchmen: Justice Is Coming"

Studio: Warner Bros.

Released: Feb. 26, 2009
Prices: $4.99
An online role-playing game that allows players to inhabit the  "Watchmen" universe. Users can create their own characters to wander through five different 3D environments of 1975 New York City, discovering hidden artifacts, completing story objectives, defeating criminals and battling other players.

"Fast & Furious"

Studio: Universal
Released: April 2, 2009
Price: Initially $5.99, now $1.99 ($2.99 for Pink Slip)
One of the most complete movie apps, the game offers users four different types of races as well as 32 different cars and tracks. There’s also a Pink Slip version of the game, which allows for wireless multiplayer races. It is also one of the first apps to utilize social media, allowing fans to upload their fastest races to YouTube and post race challenges.

"Star Trek Phaser"
Studio: Paramount
Released: April 6, 2009
Price: Free
In contrast to “Fast & Furious,” “Phaser” is one of the simpler games, arming users with the phaser weapon from the movie. Players can be set the weapon to stun or kill and fire at enemies in a full screen 3D view. They can remain in single player mode or use the Wi-Fi to battle friends in real time. The game, the app also comes with a selection of trailers and stills.