Meet Olivia, the Cute Dog Who Starred in Both ‘Widows’ and ‘Game Night’ This Year

Plus, the three-year-old Westie appears in Netflix’s “Insatiable”

Dog Widows Game Night

If you watched “Widows” this weekend and thought Viola Davis’ dog was literally the cutest, you might recall that the same West Highland White Terrier had a starring role in Jason Bateman’s “Game Night” as well.

According to Animal Casting Atlanta, a company that provides animal actors for film, television, music videos and print, Olivia, a “walking stuffed animal” stars in “Game Night,” “Widows” and Netflix’s “Insatiable,” where she had a brief cameo at a dog wash, this year. She is a three-year-old, 15-pound Westie.

Her trainer, Greg Tresan, told The Ringer that Olivia had her own trailer on the set of “Widows” and received on-site touch-ups. In the film, she plays Davis’ companion as her character, Veronica, mourns the death of her husband and gets roped in to some dangerous business.

In “Game Night,” Olivia played Bastian, loyal companion to a cop played by Jesse Plemons. Bateman told MTV International that Olivia “was pretty easy” and “he didn’t talk much.” Clearly, Bateman thought Olivia was a male dog.

He added, “He was pretty serious about what he was doing. He was nervous. He peed on the set. He had a real weak bladder on him. But he did hit his mark and was there on time. And didn’t complain that much.””

Animal Casting Atlanta has provided performance animals to projects like “Stranger Things,” “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Ozark.”

Give her a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination!