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Meet the Donald Trump Sex Doll

Democrats can finally have their way with the Republican nominee

If you’ve been harboring secret fantasies about Donald Trump, Philadelphia’s Velvet Lily adult toy store has exactly what you need.

A Donald Trump sex doll hangs over the door of the Chestnut Street store in the city playing host to the Democratic National Convention this week. He’s suspended — not for kinky reasons, but just so people don’t get too rough with him — wearing a thong.

The doll is a hot item for DNC attendees, Velvet Lily owner Khara Cartagena says. (You can watch our Facebook Live interview with her here.)

“They’re just buying them as gag gifts,” Cartagena told TheWrap. “I gave them to a bunch of people for birthday presents and graduation presents.”

Was there a lot of demand for the Trump doll?
“I don’t know, but I think this novelty will probably last for a long time after the election even if he does or doesn’t win,” Cartagena said.
She said lots of people stop to Instagram pictures of themselves with the doll.
And now, the answers to the three questions you’ve been wanting to ask:
Yes, you can buy your own Trump sex doll. It’s being marketed under the name Donald Chump.
Yes, the doll’s phallus is extremely soft.
And finally: Yes, there is a Hillary Clinton doll. At $32 on the store’s website, “Horny Hillary” costs two dollars more than the Donald doll.
Happy shopping!